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Meeting Sportacus

View Meeting Sportacus

Rockets at Blackpool

View Rockets at Blackpool

Massive Slide!

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The Fair

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View Trampoline

Bumper Car

Bumper car at Knowsley Safari Park

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Tea Cups in Blackpool

On the Tea Cups in Blackpool Pleasure Beach with my cousins Kalisha (right) and Serrena (Left)

View Tea Cups in Blackpool

Knowsley Safari Park

View Knowsley Safari Park

Theme Park

Sundown Adventure Land On the Rapids Driving a Tractor Posing with Dad and a Cow...

View Theme Park

Racing Car

Brum brum! Driving a car at Halifax Fair

View Racing Car

Bike Show

The Great Yorkshire Bike Show God Father Dave wanted me to have a Kawasaki... ...but I preferred the Harley! 'Titan Robot X' ...

View Bike Show


Bouncing at Kalisha & Serrena's school fayre

View Bouncing


Sitting with Dad, Kalisha and Caitlin on my first Rollecoaster

View Rollercoaster

Presthaven Sands, Wales

This is Anxious the Elephant, Me and Dad with my cousins Kalisha, Caitlin and Paige. Anxious is the pink one on the left.... Bouncing on the trampoline

View Presthaven Sands, Wales

Postman Pat

On holiday in Prestatyn

View Postman Pat


Me, Dad and a Chipmunk

View Chipmunk


Me, Dad and Pluto

View Pluto

It’s A Small World

Me on the "It's A Small World" ride

View It’s A Small World

Mickey Mouse

Me with Mum, Dad and Mickey

View Mickey Mouse


Arriving at Disneyland Paris with Mum

View Disney!

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