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Visiting Santa

Shipley Glenn Tramway On the Tram: Grandma-Grape, Kalisha, Heidi, Me, Grandma, Serenna Meeting Santa Serenna, Me and Kalisha with Santa

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Bath Time

Washing Phoebe Loving Phoebe Quack!

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Christmas Tree

Sat with Phoebe by the Christmas Tree

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Bonfire Night

Fireworks Me and Dad watching the fireworks More fireworks! On the Tea Cups with Paige and Caitlin

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Posing With My Cousins!

Posing with Kalisha and Serrena

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Center Parcs

Center Parcs - Whinfell Lodge Barbeque Swimming With Dad and Phoebe after swimming Mmm...! 2 ice creams!...

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Theme Park

Sundown Adventure Land On the Rapids Driving a Tractor Posing with Dad and a Cow...

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The Big Brother

Posing with Phoebe

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Sat Down

Sitting with Phoebe at Nanna's

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Posing with Dad and Phoebe in Hospital

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My New Sister!

Me with my brand new sister, Phoebe Giving Phoebe a cuddle

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Sitting with Dad, Kalisha and Caitlin on my first Rollecoaster

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Presthaven Sands, Wales

This is Anxious the Elephant, Me and Dad with my cousins Kalisha, Caitlin and Paige. Anxious is the pink one on the left.... Bouncing on the trampoline

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Christmas Day

What? You mean there are other presents besides the drums?! You wouldn't believe how long it took for the food to come... Me ...

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Penzance, Cornwall

As Soon as we got back from Majorca, we headed down to see some of Mummy's friends in Penzance! Getting ready in the morning! Me, Tom and Peter having real Cornish Ice ...

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90? Already?

Sat with Daddy at George's 90th Party

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First Birthday Party

Getting ready! My Noddy cake Playing on the bouncy castle with my cousins Pass the parcel...

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Another Party

Having fun at Serrena's 4th Birthday Party

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Mother’s Day

Showing my love on Mother's Day... by eating her!

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My First Christmas

So many presents, so little time! My jungle bowling set Me and Mummy eating Christmas dinner Me and a bunch of cousin...

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