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Christmas 2008


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Santa at Kirkgate

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Visiting Santa

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Christmas Day

Opening presents! All these presents! And some more! Playing on my new drums Holding my new robot...

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Christmas Eve

Opening a present, what could it be? Ta Da! A fishing game! Look! A fishing game!

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Pre-School Nativity

I was a cow in the shed! I wasn't too keen on my Cow-Hat though! Having a well-earned drink afterwards After the nativity with Phoebe

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Visiting Santa

Shipley Glenn Tramway On the Tram: Grandma-Grape, Kalisha, Heidi, Me, Grandma, Serenna Meeting Santa Serenna, Me and Kalisha with Santa

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Christmas Tree

Sat with Phoebe by the Christmas Tree

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Christmas Day

What? You mean there are other presents besides the drums?! You wouldn't believe how long it took for the food to come... Me ...

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My First Christmas

So many presents, so little time! My jungle bowling set Me and Mummy eating Christmas dinner Me and a bunch of cousin...

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Santa’s Coming

My Santa suit; After 3 say 'Awwwww!'

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